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Grants, Abatements, incentives - Nationally (GAIN)

We are nationally recognized experts in the negotiation of incentives for expansions, relocations and consolidations.

Studies by the University of Iowa show that over $50 billion in incentives and credits are available in the United States on an annual basis. However, only a small portion of these incentives are ever issued due to lack of a coordinated, systemized approach towards credit and incentive management. Further, statistics show that less than one half of the incentives negotiated ever get paid out. This is because so few recipient companies are set up to actually track and monitor the payments of the incentives issued.

According to a recent industry magazine survey, eight-four percent of all Fortune 500 CFO's do not believe that their companies are effective in securing available incentives and credits. With thousands of available credit and incentive programs available, it's no wonder that most companies cannot keep up with this ever-changing specialized field.

Bedford's GAIN program solves this problem by utilizing our national team of incentive experts in 37 key markets to identify, negotiate and monitor incentives and credits compliance.

Our GAIN team engagements include office, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, medical services, and headquarters operations through over 25 years of experience. Because of our proven expertise, Bedford has gained the national endorsement of major trade organizations like the Biotechnology Industry Association, the Society of Office and Industrial Realtors, the Medical Device Manufacturers Association, the International Warehousing and Logistics Association and many more.

GAIN a Significant Advantage...

Bedford's GAIN program routinely saves clients between 10 to 30 percent of their capital investment in building a new facility. Not only do we identify and negotiate the incentives but we also make sure that these incentives get collected when due.

Our compliance department monitors the payments of all incentives due you to ensure nothing get overlooked. We are confident in our expertise and stake our fee payments on the actual collection of your incentives and credits.

How we serve

We first conduct a free Opportunity Evaluation of your company's expansion, relocation or consolidation plans. We then report the findings back to you and if you decide to pursue these incentives we will obtain them for you, manage the entire process, and monitor collections throughout the entire term of the incentive agreement. A brief summary of several of the services are noted below:

Why use Bedford GAIN Services?

Experience - Bedford GAIN team has performed thousands of site selection and incentives negotiations projects on behalf of clients ranging from $10 million in annual sales to as high as $100 billion in annual sales. We have a proven methodology that takes a systemized approach to the identification of the optimal location and maximization of available credits and incentives, utilizing the most experienced staff available.

Local Market Knowledge - Bedford GAIN has 37 offices in the Americas and strategic relationships with companies based in Europe and the Pacific Rim. Each of these offices is staffed by personnel who have in-depth knowledge of incentives and credits available at the state, federal and local level. In addition, these personnel often have deep relationships with state and local officials who can be instrumental in the decision to assist your company and at what level that assistance may achieve.

Impartiality - Bedford GAIN's recommendations are strictly guided by what is in the best interest of our clients. Our fee structure is precisely aligned with the goals of your company. Our recommendations are free from internal and external influences that may affect the ultimate outcome of the project.

Staff Time - Bedford GAIN services can free up staff time to devote more effort to day-to-day business challenges. We know where the pitfalls in the location and incentives negotiation processes are and counsel your company on how to avoid mistakes made by others with less experienced counsel.

Competition - Maximizing available incentives and credits is a matter of maintaining a competitive bargaining position throughout the project. Bedford GAIN consultants are expert in identifying qualified competition for your project and using this competitive presence to maximize the benefits to your company. Often governments and utilities require a third-party review of a company's competitive location alternatives. Bedford GAIN consultants are respected by state and local government agencies who know that when Bedford is involved the client is serious.

Confidentiality - Companies rarely benefit from premature disclosure of their expansion, relocation or consolidation plans. Competitors can take advantage of this information with customers and key employees, real estate can suddenly become more expensive, management focus can be disrupted and political pressures can be applied to what should be a sober management decision. Bedford GAIN consultants maintain strict confidentiality on project parameters and client identity to ensure that your plans are not public knowledge prior to your internal decision to release this information.

Follow-Through - Studies have shown that less than 50 percent of all government incentives and credits are ever collected. As more credits and incentives become performance based, the burden of compliance is one which many companies have outsourced to Bedford to ensure proper treatment and on-time filing of necessary documentation to justify incentives claims.

Bedford GAIN Services

Bedford GAIN offers a variety of services geared to improving the bottom line of our corporate clients while making the best long-term management decisions for the good of the company.

Site Selection Services

Site Selection Services - If your company is considering expansion, relocation or consolidation, Bedford GAIN consultants can help you identify suitable location alternatives and analyze the components necessary to make a great location decision. Some of these components may include:

Our years of site selection experience can be used to help your company organize and complete a confidential site selection study in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Our people have completed over 250 site selection engagements for some of the largest companies in the world.

Incentives Negotiation Services

If your business is considering expansion, relocation or consolidation, there is over $50 billion of available credits and incentives in the United States alone to lower your costs. In addition, Europe and the Pacific Rim offer programs that can provide as much as 50 percent of your capital costs in grants, low interest loans and incentives. Bedford's GAIN program maintains and utilizes a proprietary database of available incentives and credits throughout the America's, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Each project is managed using our internet based on-line tracking program which logs the progress of your project, contacts made, promises given, and documentation achieved. An on-line web based permanent record and depository of project specific information is available to you and the project team on a 24/7 basis, should you desire the most up-to-date information on your project or simply need a record of incentives negotiations for Sarbanes Oxley purposes.

Bedford's GAIN program can provide your company with a full range of support services designed to achieve optimal results, including:

Training Grants, Reimbursements and Credits

If your company invests in on-going personnel training or training for special purposes such as new equipment, systems or product lines, your company is likely eligible for federal, state and local training assistance.

Bedford's GAIN program can help you identify sources of training assistance, quality and coordinate multiple and various training and hiring services, and manage the entire training delivery process. Your staff won't be burdened with the often onerous chore of keeping track of training outcomes and training hours.

Bedford can provide assistance in identification of training grants and reimbursements, proposal development and negotiation, tracking, reporting and reimbursement procedures, so you and your staff can focus on achieving better results for your business.

State and Local Tax Credits

There are hundreds of federal, state, county and local tax credits and economic development incentives in the United States alone. With Bedford's GAIN program, you will receive the most comprehensive review of all available incentives and tax credit opportunities specific to your industry and business.

Experience shows that many companies fail to claim job creation, hiring and investment tax credits, often because they have no idea that their facilities are located in eligible tax credit zones. Bedford's GAIN program employs a powerful, proprietary database system to cross-reference your corporate facilities with state, federal and local incentives zones. In some cases, it is possible to go back as far as seven years to harvest tax credits that your company may have neglected to claim.

Renewable and Energy Efficiency Tax Credits and Incentives

Many state, federal and local programs are being developed daily to encourage the conservation and use of renewable energy in the construction process. Bedford's GAIN program can help you to identify state, local and federal incentives and credits designed to encourage Green development and energy efficiency. Using an engineering-based approach, Bedford is able to identify qualified improvements, prepare pre-construction applications for incentives, and post-construction audit packages to ensure the integrity of your energy efficiency program.

The list below identifies some of the incentives that we explore and negotiate for our clients:

State Tax Credits Grants & Abatements Infrastructure Improvements
Employee Hiring Credits Abatement of Taxes Tax Increment Financing
Enterprise Zone Credits Free or Reduced Land Costs Industrial Development Bonds
Investment Tax Credits Sales & Use Tax Exemptions Community Dev. Block Grants
Pollution Control Credits Sales Tax Sharing Agreement Infrastructure Grants
Renewal Zone Credits Grants For Relocation Costs Sewer and Water Grants
Training and Retraining Credits Federal Empowerment Zones Transportation Grants