We are nationally recognized experts in capitalized (depreciable) assets, specializing in asset reclassification and on-going management. Thousands of owners of commercial property and their tax professionals have relied upon our professionals (some for more than 20 years) to identify and implement proven tax and financial solutions to maximize cash flow. Eighty percent of our clients realize a 50%+ improvement in their after tax net profits for the 3 5 years following our engagement.

Our engagements include; multiple tax assignments for the owner of a $2.8 billion Casino, to producing a asset reallocation study for the owner of a $247,000 rental house, to the ongoing management of the fixed assets.

All our services are driven by one common denominator

Our clients were previously not taking full advantage of tax laws and IRS regulations regarding asset depreciation. As a result, they were often significantly overpaying their Federal & State Income taxes and occasionally their Property Taxes.

How we serve We first conduct a free comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your fixed asset system to determine if the assets are correctly allocated tax and book. We then report the findings back to you and if appropriate, we may offer to update, correct and possibly manage your fixed asset system. A brief summary of several of the services are noted below:

Asset Reallocation

This IRS approved methodology allows commercial property owners to accelerate the depreciation on their property. Our service will typically reallocate 25% - 45% of the property to 5, 7 & 15-yr property. The cash flow improvement generated from this study is often impressive between tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in short term tax benefit. We utilize an engineering based methodology, the technical process advocated by the IRS.

Fixed Asset Management

This service provides on-going management of the fixed assets. We often recommend an Asset Reallocation study to update the fixed asset system and then we assign appropriate tax lives to all new assets placed into service, thereby maintaining the maximum allowable tax deductions. We provide periodic depreciation statements for both tax and book reporting purposes. The statements are provided to you and/or your CPA.

Asset Retirement

This specialized service identifies assets that qualify for immediate expensing, following demolition or renovation. This service, most often conducted as a part of the fixed asset management engagement provides significant tax benefits. This service is most beneficial for properties being upgraded or renovated.

Property Tax Reclassification

This service provides property owners with a report that (a) identifies costs - that do not add value to a new project, or (b) defines assets that are no longer in service and should not be taxes (or insured). This report is most often used by property tax consultants to reduce the real property value, thereby reducing property taxes.