About Us

We are a company committed to providing creative finance, tax and other solutions that improve ROI for developers or operators of commercial real estate properties.

We started in 1991 with a simple mandate... to help our clients grow and prosper by serving as financial strategists and solution providers. Now, almost than 20 years later, our legacy includes helping thousands of real estate owners located in all 50 states and some countries. Through the various business entities that we founded, we have been able to provide many billions in client benefits via our specialized Tax Consulting Services, Grants, Abatements & Incentive Services (GAIN) and creative Financing Solutions.

Proven Finance Solutions: Our commercial real estate financing programs have enabled us to provide over $3 billion in loans. Our programs include Government guaranteed loans (HUD, USDA, Fannie Mae, etc), conventional finance, bonds and tax credit solutions. We currently provide finance solutions to the Healthcare, Hospital, Multifamily and Alternative Energy markets.

Proven Tax Solutions: Our cost segregation team has completed thousands of accelerated depreciation engagements resulting in client tax savings in the billions of dollars for projects with costs ranging from $750,000 to multiple billions. We are highly qualified and employ a true engineering methodology, which is guided by the IRS, "Audit Techniques Guide", (ATG). Our Tax Solutions team leader was instrumental in the development of the ATG and represents the industry with the IRS.

Proven GAIN Solutions (Grants, Abatements, Incentive Negotiations): Our GAIN team has delivered over $2 billion in corporate incentives, serving companies like: Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, GE Capital, Kohls, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Baxter and many more.

We thank you for exploring how we might serve Gregory Wing, President and Founder